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We also receive advice
from the chefs at our affiliated restaurants!

You also have the opportunity to hear about the latest trends in the restaurants industry from the chefs from the renowned yakitori specialty restaurant ‘Nakameguro Iguchi,’ which constantly introduced new concepts and has been featured in various gourmet magazines,to ‘Komeru,’ a Japanese restaurant with a reputation for its rice-centric course dishes and frequented by many celebrities, you can gain insights into the current state of the culinary world.

  • Toru Toriumi

    Nakameguro Iguchi

    General Manager

    Toru Toriumi

    After completing my apprenticeship at a teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo, I decided to further refine my skills by joining “Nakameguro Iguchi.” In addition to being the head chef at the Ebisu branch, I have also gained management experience at various Japanese and Italian cuisine affiliated establishments. Currently, I hold the position of General Manager at “Nakameguro Iguchi.”

  • Masaru Shirakawa


    General Manager

    Masaru Shirakawa

    After training at renowned establishments such as traditional Japanese restaurants and hotels in Tokyo, I honed my skills at a Michelin two-star restaurant, gaining expertise in Kyoto cuisine. I then served as the head chef at “Azabu-Juban Komeru” and currently hold the position of General Manager for the same brand.

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