Yakitori Chef Course

Even if you have no experience, you can acquire basic, special, and practical skills that can only be learned at “Japanese Restaurant Academy” in 2 months.

First, students will repeatedly practice the handling of chicken without organs, and then they will handle whole chicken with organs under the supervision of an instructor certified as a poultry processing sanitation supervisor. In addition, students will learn the skills of a high-price yakitori restaurant through careful skewering, charcoal handling, and the basics of Japanese cuisine. As part of the course, students will learn how to prepare and operate a real shop, so they will also learn how to behave at the counter.



First semester (1st month)
Learn basic techniques of Japanese cooking and how to handle a whole chicken


Basic practical skills

  • Basic lecture on chef’s mindset and hygiene management

  • Types of knives and how to handle them

    Types of knives, carrying precautions, how to use them according to different cooking, handling, and sharpening

  • How to handle cooking utensils 

    How to handle basic utensils used in a sushi restaurant, such as a sushi table, colander, grater, etc.

  • How to make basic seasonings

    How to make yakitori sauce and combined seasonings

  • How to manage and judge chicken

    Learn how to keep chicken fresh and how to manage it, and how to cut chicken from a whole chicken into various parts and practice the repetition of this method.

  • Types of charcoal and how to handle them

    Characteristics of each type of charcoal and practical skills on how to extinguish from lighting to extinguishing

  • How to handle rice

    Type of rice, how to cook

  • How to handle vegetable

    Seasonal types, characteristics, management, and cutting methods

  • Fundamentals of Japanese Cooking

    How to make soup stock from different ingredients (kombu, chicken) and basic serving methods

  • Basic Japanese Cooking Skills

    Basic cooking using the five methods (cutting, steaming, boiling, baking, and deep frying)

Special Courses

  • How to handle beverages in restaurants and basic lectures.

    Basic lecture on beverages served in yakitori restaurants and how to handle them.

Special Courses

  • Mock sales between students

    Practical mock sales skills (customer service, order taking, baking, serving, and checkout) in a restaurant adjacent to the classroom.

Later semester (3rd month)
Learn various ways to dress a chicken, skewer, and yakitori course cooking


Basic practical skills

  • Basic knowledge of chickens, comparison, and dressing

    Basic knowledge and comparison of parent chickens, broilers, and branded chickens; handling various types of chickens; handling of gutted chickens and chickens with internal organs

  • Preparation of Yakitori

    Types of skewers and skewering

  • Basic knowledge of meat and fish

    Basic knowledge and handling of pork and beef, basic fish fillet

  • Course Preparation

    Theory and practical skills on how to prepare kaiseki and kappo cuisine

Special Courses

  • Lecture by the chef of a yakitori restaurant

    Lecture by the general manager of a popular yakitori restaurant on his hardships and commitment to the management of his restaurant

  • Restaurant Marketing Lecture

    A Marketing Lecture on Creating a Restaurant that will not go out of business

Hands-on restaurant management

  • Lunchtime management 

    The actual management of the restaurant while being in charge of the kitchen, cooking assistance, and hall service, in order

Yakitori Craftsman Course Overview

Yakitori Craftsman Course Overview

Duration of the course 2 months January 5, 2023 2023年1月5日
Admission fee ¥110,000 (tax included) Tuition fee ¥660,000 (tax included)
Other actual expenses approx. 50,000 yen (instructional book, uniform, hat, knife set)

How to take a course

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    1Request for brochure and application for a school tour

    Please apply by form, LINE, or by phone. We recommend LINE(https://lin.ee/VB8vAf5), which is a relatively easy way to contact us.

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    2School tour and advisor interview

    You can tour the school building and the restaurants. The school building is conveniently located at a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. After the tour, an advisor will give you a detailed explanation of the school and its courses, if desired.

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    3Enrollment procedure

    Please submit an application form for admission.You will receive an email with course confirmation and payment instructions.

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    4Start of course

    Enrollment will begin upon completion of the enrollment process and payment of the course fee. The timing of the start of the course varies depending on the course.

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