Ramen Chef Course

Even if you have no experience, you can acquire basic, special, and practical skills that can only be learned at the “Japanese Restaurant Academy” in a month.

Students learn the basic techniques of making ramen soup, noodles, and sauce, as well as the side dishes served at ramen stores, and master the development and preparation of original ramen. Students will also learn actual preparation and counteroperation skills as part of the class. Students can also learn noodle-making know-how through a tour of a noodle-making factory.



First semester 
Basic ramen soup (Chintan soup/Paitan soup) making


Basic practical skills

  • Beginner-level knowledge of running a ramen restaurant

    Ramen restaurant management methods and restaurant development

  • Ingredient Knowledge

    Knowledge of ingredients used in ramen stores

  • Practical skills in ramen, tsukemen, and mixed soba

    Theory of making “flavor”, theory of noodle making, hands-on practice of homemade noodle making

  • Types and Characteristics of Ramen Soup

    Making Chintan soup and Paitan soup.

Special Courses

  • Noodle factory tour

    Observe the noodle-making process at a noodle factory and learn about the diversity of noodles.

Hands-on restaurant management

  • Mock sales between students.

    Practical mock sales skills (customer service, order taking, baking, serving, and checkout) in a restaurant adjacent to the classroom.

Later semester 
Making original ramen and practical cooking skills in a ramen restaurant


Basic practical skills

  • Advanced Knowledge of Ramen Restaurant Management

    Successful methods of opening a business and attracting customers and sales promotion for ramen stores

  • Ramen noodle ingredients and side dish preparation

    Making various kinds of roast pork, half-boiled eggs, various kinds of pickled bamboo shoots, etc.

  • Latest Ramen Making

    Making soup in a short time using a pressure cooker, making rare roasted pork, halal ramen, vegan ramen, dipping noodles, etc.

  • Devising original recipe 

    Creating original ramen noodles that give shape to your image

Special Courses

  • Lecture by a ramen restaurant chef

    Lecture by the owner of a popular ramen restaurant on his hardships and commitment to the management of his restaurant

  • Restaurant Marketing Lecture

    A Marketing Lecture on Creating a Restaurant that will not go out of business

  • Opening Presentation Examination

Hands-on restaurant management

  • Lunchtime management 

    The actual management of the restaurant while being in charge of the kitchen, cooking assistance, and hall service, in order

  • Providing ramen noodles to acquaintances

    Invite acquaintances and serve ramen, side dishes, etc

Ramen Craftsman Course Overview

Ramen Craftsman Course Overview

Duration 1-month course Starting month December 1/June
Admission fee ¥110,000 (tax included) Course fee ¥550,000 (tax included)
Other actual expenses approximately 30,000 yen (instructional book, uniform, hat, knife set)

How to take a course

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    1Request for brochure and application for a school tour

    Please apply by form, LINE, or by phone. We recommend LINE(https://lin.ee/VB8vAf5), which is a relatively easy way to contact us.

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    2School tour and advisor interview

    You can tour the school building and the restaurants. The school building is conveniently located at a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. After the tour, an advisor will give you a detailed explanation of the school and its courses, if desired.

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    3Enrollment procedure

    Please submit an application form for admission.You will receive an email with course confirmation and payment instructions.

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    4Start of course

    Enrollment will begin upon completion of the enrollment process and payment of the course fee. The timing of the start of the course varies depending on the course.

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