Appeal of Japanese Restaurant Academy

Japanese Restaurant Academy/Appeal of Japanese Restaurant Academy

Become a chef in as little as one month!
Practical Culinary School that trains chefs through hands-on experience in partnering restaurants

The objective of the “Japanese Restaurant Academy” is to nurture future chefs of “Japanese culinary” who will be approved and loved by the world through a “Hands-on” environment rather than a “Practice”.
Recently, Japanese people’s knowledge, skills, attitude, and service mindset toward culinary have been highly recognized around the world as delicate food culture, driven by the fact that washoku”(traditional Japanese cuisine) has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The recent increase in the number of Japanese restaurants around the world is also a great opportunity and challenge for us to show the world the rich culinary culture that Japan is proud of.
Under the slogan “Shape Your Dream! Washoku to the world!” G-FACTORY CO., LTD. also provides management consulting services for restaurants and support for opening new restaurants overseas.
We also have a full backup system in place after graduation.



Repeat hands-on training, classroom learning, and restaurant operations

Cooking “methods” and systematic “theories” are available to anyone on the Internet in this day and age.
What we provide is knowledge and information on how to apply this foundation in practice.
Above all, it is the practical ability to demonstrate these skills in a real-world setting. We intentionally and systematically provide students with an “environment” in which they can learn, which is more important than “teaching.”



Instructors are professionals who know the front lines of the field.

If the instructor doesn’t know the restaurant or site where students will be demonstrating their culinary skills, then he/she is just someone who is “good at teaching”.
If the instructor only “teaches, ” the student will only end up “learning”. What is important is for students to be able to “output what they have learned”. Therefore, we have collected instructors that have the “ability to train others” so we can train students to put into practice what they have learned. We will support you so that you can acquire the skills while assessing your characteristics.



Cooking alone is not enough to succeed!
Special lecturers in various fields will conduct lectures

Having “culinary skills” is not enough to succeed in the food and beverage industry.
Even from the perspective of a restaurant, various information such as location selection, customer attraction, branding, accounting, etc. is necessary.
In terms of career, there are a variety of opportunities, such as starting one’s own business, working overseas, or finding a job in Japan. We invite experts in various fields to conduct some special lectures.



Expected but not included in other schools
In-depth instruction in “restaurant management skills”

Not only are actual restaurant operations included in the curriculum, but students will also learn how to start and manage their own business, including simulations, fundraising, accounting knowledge, and how to find suppliers (including actual introductions).
You will gain broad and deep knowledge of managing a restaurant even if you do not expect to start your shop.”



Offer employment support after graduation by professional staff.
Conduct thorough hearings to assist each student’s dream.

Our staff have extensive experience in assisting more than 10,000 people in the food and beverage industry through job change or finding employment They will be your advisor and supporter after graduation, listening to your student wishes so that the practical skills they have acquired will not be wasted.



Support for a no-cost business start-up after graduation is also available.

G-FACTORY CO., LTD., the operating company, provides a variety of support systems for independent business owners both in Japan and overseas.
Although there is a screening process, We hope that students will be successful in opening their restaurants using the company’s services. Please consider taking advantage of this service.


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